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System Silence

Ikona izolacji akustycznej

Acoustic insulation: Rw 43 - 49 dB

  • Single- and double-glazed system
  • Structural profiles 25 mm or 30 mm high and 78 mm thick
  • Maximum height: 3,500 mm
  • Aluminium profiles: powder coated according to the RAL palette Glass panes joined using double-sided adhesive tape or microprofiles
  • Filling of walls with laminated or toughened safety glass with a thickness of 10 mm ÷ 12 mm
  • Possibility of placing light switches on the frame profile
  • There is an option to make decorative films or install manual or electric blinds.

An elegant and flexible system that offers the functionality required in modern architectural designs.

A double-glazed system with exceptionally original features. It is a guarantee of the implementation of the most demanding architectural visions. The Silence system offers a wide range of possibilities for the construction of flexible and broken walls. The profiles are available in two heights - 25 mm and 30 mm. With this solution, high acoustic insulation parameters can be achieved with mullion-free glass walls. Silence allows the creation of a number of non-standard arrangements that make the designed space look modern and spacious.


Glazed walls Glazing Acoustic insulation Rw
Full-height glazed VSG 55.1 + ESG 12 Rw = 43 dB
Full-height glazed VSG 55.1 + VSG 66.1 Rw = 43 dB
Full-height glazed VSG 66.1 + VSG 66.1 Rw = 44 dB
Full-height glazed VSG 55.2 + VSG 66.2 Rw = 45 dB
Full-height glazed VSG 66.2Si + VSG 66.1 Rw = 45 dB
Full-height glazed VSG 55.2Si + VSG 66.2Si Rw = 47 dB
Full-height glazed VSG 66.2Si + VSG 66.2Si + AKU Rw = 49 dB