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About us

VITRINTEC is a manufacturer of aluminium and glass systems that also specialises in their design and distribution. The company attaches great importance to the quality of its products, offering customers innovative solutions in the field of glass architecture. Vitrintec’s design concepts for interior spaces are characterised by: versatility, functionality and comfort. Compatible dimensions and consistent design greatly expand the arrangement possibilities. Vitrintec’s overriding value is to strive for continuous product improvement in line with sustainability, as well as quality and environmental standards.

The company has implemented an Integrated Management System: ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. The leading features of Vitrintec products are functionality, safety and minimalism. For example, the aluminium profiles designed here have the smallest height of all those available on the market, as less raw material is used in their production.


Vitrintec is proud of its extensive machinery, which includes two state-of-the-art production lines for aluminium prefabrication and complex glass processing. Aluminium profiles are prefabricated in energy-efficient CNC-controlled machines. The glass production line is fully automated, which undoubtedly speeds up the order fulfilment process. Glass panes, which are the final product, are cut from large JUMBO formats, which allows better optimisation of the waste generated in the process.

The proximity of the aluminium and glass production, as well as the profile and accessory warehouses, is also a major advantage. This makes it possible to prepare a complex order within one location. The process of assembling system profiles, glass and accessories needed for installation is coordinated entirely in-house.

1600m2 Manufacturing Plant

5900m2 GLASS



The Research and Development department aims to keep up with technologicaldevelopments and improve existing systems. A team of experienced engineersdevelops innovative solutions to improve the properties of the system walls. Thanks to their work, the Vitrintec product range is constantly being expanded. Vitrintec develops acoustically insulated fire-resistant wall systems for use in the most demanding areas, ensuring that they are safe to use. The available systems have all the necessary certificates from the Building Research Institute as well as the necessary National Technical Assessment and European Technical Assessment documents.